Letni Letna is celebrating its 15th anniversary!
Fifteen years over which we have brought to the stage the very best of Czech contemporary circus as well as famous companies from all around the world.

We would like to invite you promoters, professionals, artists and other contemporary circus festival organisers to celebrate with us at our Professional Days which will be devoted to presentations of Czech companies.

The Professional Days will take place from 26 August until 29 August during which you can see the best of the Czech contemporary circus scene and meet with the artists and festival team as well as your colleagues from all around the world

There’s a lot to look forward to so don’t hesitate to register!

Discounts are available for registered promoters and circus festival organizers (150/350 CZK) for evening shows.

Don’t miss the conference ‘Circus and Its others II’! In Prague 27th – 29th August.

Don't miss the Festival programme!
(If you’d like to visit our festival outside of the Professional days, please let us know on the registration form.)

Registration is open until 10th August, there is limited capacity for tickets.


Programme of Professional days 26th-29th of August

18:30 Juggling gala

Letní Letná will again bring you the most exquisite juggling. Excellent Czech and international jugglers will perform at the Gala. There will be a series of acts that will present juggling as a distinctive artistic genre in many forms. The performers were chosen by Bratři v tricku who will also be your hosts for the Gala.

18:30 Showcase of the Czech circus scene

Exceptional programme presenting the work of Czech professional artists to foreign promoters and to everyone who wants to take a peek at what’s on and what the future will bring. Cirk La Putyka, Loser(s) Cirque Company, Collectif Momentum, The Feel The Universe Circus Company, Eliska Brtnicka and CirkusMlejn, CirkoFrico, Holektiv, CinkCinkCirk and many others will perform on the same stage. You can also look forward to presentations of the final projects byFilip Zahradnicky, Ales Hrdlicka and Alzbeta Ticha who are Czech students studying at circus schools. Do not hesitate any longer!

20:00 Meet the artists

Event for registered participants only. You can meet and have a talk with the artists at an informal lounge that will be available as a part of the festival. It is impossible to put all the troupes on the stage in one day, which is why the lounge at the Expo will be open, so you can meet all ofthe interesting ensembles and learn about their projects.

21:30 Open-air show: Běžkařská odyssea / Cross-country skiing odyssey (Bratri v tricku)

The journey is a race whose main award is an experience. In this respect, these men are the best competitors – real champions. They are even better than they ever thought. Two cross-country skiers are lost in the map and the season of the year, side by side but on one ski run, undergoing a cross-country odyssey – a wandering journey with an obscure course and ending. Ski poles ready, wax your moustache, an encouraging shot of tea and let´s begin! (juggling, street theatre)

18:30 Performance: Funus (Bratri v tricku)

              Humour and weirdness in a funeral cocktail directed by Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauch.

"It is with deep regret that we announce to all relatives as well as strangers, friends as well as enemies, the living as well as the dead that our beloved husband, father, son and the holy spirit has left us forever. We will accept your condolences with pleasure.

"Our funeral parlour offers a wide range of services: juggling with the deceased, acrobatics with the widow, a pole Dance of Death, or lying into a coffin. Our extra services cover dead music during a funeral ceremony, a weeping speaker, freshly cut onion and black boxer shorts for the deceased. The staff is so well-trained that they are able to satisfy all the requirements of a burial. We do not bear responsibility for the development of any undesirable situations.
Taste the funeral cocktail of black burlesque and poetic scenes made with the ingredients of the circus."  (juggling, theatre, dance, acrobacy)

20:30 Open-air show: Dukto (Cink Cink Cirk)

A celebration of Summer, differences and craziness.

Dukto (in Esperanto) means tubing, conduction. In this new production of the company Cink Cink Cirk, we see dukto as a link, connecting different cultures, ways of seeing the world as well as different forms, methods and techniques in the creation process. Through the use of the main material, transparent garden hoses and their properties, the performers give birth to new ways of connecting, both physically and mentally (juggling, object manipulation, new magic, hair-hanging).

21:30 GET TOGETHER meeting

Informal netwoking meeting - festival, artist, registered guests.

14:00 Performance: Kolaps / Breakdown (Losers Cirque Company)

Breakdown also constructs, hardens, strengthens or just routinely returns without us noticing and realizing its presence. Without breakdown it is impossible to push one’s limits, to leap forward, it is impossible to jump over one’s shadow. We are interested in the character of breakdown, what it does to an individual and whole society. Would the society turn its back on a collapsing person? Would the society exploit such state or offer a helping hand?

18:30 Performance: Vzduchem / Through the air (Losers Cirque Company)

A dance-acrobatic show based on a book by Richard Bach “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”.

The creators of this performance was inspired by the main plot of the book, the seagull surpass himself thanks to his passion for flight, learning everything he can about flying and than encouraging others to do the same.  (hand stand, trampoline, dance, ground acrobatics)

20:30 Open-air show: Mezi řečí / the Between projeKt (Cie Pieds Perchés)

An acrobatic comedy about social networks.  This performance borders on the contemporary circus and the theatre of movement and explores things people remotely do(n’t) tell each other in the 21st century. Are our Facebook friends our real friends? ‘Likes’ have become a unit to measure happiness and success. Are the things we post online true? What do an online post and the truth have in common? We ask ourselves how modern technology is used to create and maintain interpersonal relationships. We ask ourselves the question of how mobile phones, the internet, e-mail, texts, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram have changed our lives. Has (not) something disappeared? If so, what was it and what did it look like? Living contemporaries may be able to tell us. And all this will be presented by acrobats on ropes.