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Alena Dittrichová, Studio DAMÚZA - Ate Madrugada / Až do svítání


An international dance-theatre project with elements of new circus. Created in Czech-Portuguese coproduction.

You will witness a meeting of several interesting personalities from different countries, a meeting of diverse cultures as well as creative approaches. A dramatic story on love and naivety and its quest in a confusing and manipulated world. All is told with a pinch of satiric humour. The piece is inspired by Portugal, its landscape, its traditional family hierarchy as well as contemporary Portuguese lifestyle.

Through dance and comical physical theatre the piece tells a surrealist story of three people living in a material world, in a world of superficial and hypocritical relations – three people surrounded by manipulation. They live, they desire
, they dream. And somewhere, deep in their unconsciousness, they return to the natural state of things.



Concept and choreography: Alena Dittrichová
Creative co-operation: Félix Lozano, Inês Oliveira
Music: Luis Girão
Costumes: Maria dos Milagres
Production: Irena Velichová, Šárka Maršíková, Kristýna Kamenická
Partners of the project :
Studio Damúza:
Theatre Mlejn:



Performed on:

23.8. - 21:00Letenský park
24.8. - 19:00Letenský park